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Founded in 2013, Breakingnews.com.bd is now one of the most popular online news portals in Bangladesh. Known as Breaking News BD or shortly BNBD, Breakingnews.com.bd provides latest news from every corner of the country. Additionally, our overseas reporters and in-house international desk have been keen in collecting international news from corresponding valid sources.

We have about 50 full-time journalists and a few technical experts working in-house in our office. Their relentless efforts made it a reliable source for online news. Most of our journalists are experienced and worked for several years in local news industry with reputation. Breakingnews.com.bd has been a center for excellence in country's journalism. We not only employ journalists here, but also train a good numer of new journalists every year by our internship program and exclusive job boards.

When it comes to breaking news (or instant news), people expect it immediately as it happens anywhere in the country. We have thousands active reporters who are working as a port to listen incideents anytime. They send us the brief in the first place, then soon after a moment or a minimum development, they email us the detail with photos and / or videos when necessary.

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