Villagers Wedding with boyfriend, husband 'forced' took wife home

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18 July 2019, Thu
Published: 11:19 Updated: 11:20

Villagers Wedding with boyfriend, husband 'forced' took wife home

There was a complaint that a youth from the village had a extra sex relationship with housewife. Villagers put the village arbitration's and tied them to the tree, forced them to marry by villagers.

But after 6 hours of marriage, her husband took her again, its known, he forced to take his wife, back home again.

On the other hand, the boy involved with extra-sex is repentant for his mistake. The incident took place in West Bengal's Dhasachandpur in Ghatal, West Midnapore.

The housewife is in an extra-sex with a young man, and the villagers are caught by.The villagers first climbed the twin tied it with a tree. Then the trial begins.

And it was decided that they would be married. And they got married there. In the meantime, their secret videos have created a storm of social contact.

Husband returned home early in the morning and demanded justice, and his wife again raised the house by marriage.

The village is worried about present situation of the woman.

Gatal's sub-divisional officer, Asim Pal said, the incident that the villagers should not be taken to the law by the arbitrators. The matter is being investigated.