Rangpur people want HM Ershad buried in his hometown

Staff Correspondent

15 July 2019, Mon
Published: 04:41

Rangpur people want HM Ershad buried in his hometown

Jatiya Party chairman and the opposition leader of the Jatiya Sangsad where former President Hussein Muhammad Ershad will be buried.

In one meeting, many of the Presidium members offered a place for Ershad's tomb. Already, the top level of JAPA has been announced, Ershad will be buried in Banani military graveyard in Dhaka!

But the people of the northern part of Jatiya Party have demanded their favorite leader to burial in Rangpur. Otherwise, strict warnings are being warned.

The president of the Presidium, the Metropolitan President and the mayor Mostafizar Rahman Mustafa of the Rangpur City Corporation (mayor) said, ‘our leader's grave will not be allowed in any other protected area outside Rangpur to remain in the body of the people of the northern region. He must be buried at the place of Ershad's Rangpur Palli residence. This is one of our demands.’

‘Before his death, Ershad expressed his wish to be buried at Palli Nibash [his Rangpur residence],’ said Mostafa, who also serves as the party’s district unit chief.

He added that if he is buried at the military graveyard in Dhaka, the Rangpur leaders won’t be able to pay their respects.

Mostafa also demanded that Ershad be buried with the honours of a successful president.

On Tuesday, Ershad's body was taken to Rangpur after being tried to take it to Dhaka, but thousands of people of Rangpur will be taken to the body of the dead.

HM Ershad died on Sunday at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) of the capital around 8 am. His first namaz-e-janaza was held at the Cantonment central mosque in Zohar on Thursday. On Tuesday, Ershad's second namaz-e-janaza was completed in the South Plaza of the Jatiya Sangsad. After Body of Ershad kept at Jatiya Party's Kakrail central office. After that the third namaz-e-janaza will be held at Baitul Mukarram in the evening. Rangpur will be taken tomorrow.

In context, HM Ershad died at the Combined Military Hospital in Dhaka at the age of 89 on Sunday (Jul 14).

He had been ill for the last eight months and also underwent treatment at Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital before the Dec 31 national polls.